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The Story of Captain Peter Pendleton Eckersley
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As we reach the 100th Anniversary of the birth of public radio on the 15th June 2020, Historic consultant, author and lecturer and writer of many books, papers and articles about the early days of radio broadcasting, Marconi and three radio plays. Isle of Wight based Tim Wander started turning the life of Captain Peter Pendleton Eckersley, the first voice of public radio broadcasting into a series of plays. The first, Voices over Passchendaele was premiered at Northwood House in Cowes on Friday 9th October 2018 to coincide with the hundredth anniversary marking the end of World War 1. The second play The Man behind the Microphone, also premiered at Northwood House on Friday 13th March 2020.

Tim is now hard at work on the script for the final chapter to be premiered at Northwood House in 2021.

To mark the hundredth anniversary of the Birth of British Broadcasting we are proud to share the recordings with you of the first two plays, we hope you enjoy them and look out for information in the media for news of the final chapter.

Writtle Calling

On the 14th February 2022, will be the hundreth anniversary of the first radio broadcast, on this day at 19:30 will be a newly recorded version of this play click here to view.

There are no known recordings from the first ten years of radio broadcasting – indeed it was almost impossible with the technology of the day to do so. What we do have are amazing recreations made by Peter Eckersley for the tenth anniversary of the BBC in 1932. Tonights play is based on over 30 years of research and recreates, for the first time, a complete 2MT concert by the irrepressible Capitan Eckerelsey, Britain’s first radio star and DJ. Based on engineers notes, documents and interviews it was recorded at Northwood House in Cowes and the Isle of Wight Shanklin studios in 2021 using actors who had been part of two stage productions based on the incredible story.

from Marconi to Melba

From Marconi to Melba
The Centenary of the First British Radio Broadcasts
Tim Wander

2020 marks the centenary of British radio broadcasting, which forms an integral part of Chelmsford 2020 a Year of Science and Creativity.

This new book tells the story of Marconi’s early work, the historic Chelmsford broadcasts during 1920, Writtle station 2MT in 1922, and then the extraordinary growth of the BBC.

Over 280 pages in a new all colour A4 format, with many images never seen before or colourised to bring new life to these amazing stories.

Limited to just 250 copies. Each one will be hand signed and numbered by the author.

Click Here to buy.

For more information on Marconi: www.marconibooks.co.uk

More useful information: www.emmatoc.org

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