HMS Seal

HMS Seal

The Story of Captain Rupert Longsdale and the seal crew.

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HMS Seal

A three part part series on the history and fate of HMS Seal in 1940 that became the only British submarine to be captured by the Germans, and following the story of those onboard including Charles T Biddlecombe from Shanklin.

IOW Olympians

The story of those who were born or lived on the Isle of Wight and took part in the Olympics, including Jess martin, Shirley Robinson and Sir Ben Ainslie.

St. Helens a history

The history of St Helens, from the early days of the wooden church till today.

The Wight Queen

The unique story of Isabelle de Fortibus, who in the thirteenth century became the Wight Queen.

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HMS Seal


When Charles Biddlecombe left Shanklin and joined Captain Rupert Lonsdale, they became part of history. Lonsdale set sail in 1940 with sixty two crew members to drop mines in the Kattagat, what follows is a story of Heroism and Lonsdale's belief in god. In three parts we tell the story of the HMS Seal and Captain Lonsdale, with help from Lonsdale's son John and those from the town of Seal in Kent.

Interviews all complete - filming PTC (piece to camera) .


We need an male actor aged 25 - 50 to record against a green screen story narrration, this to tell part of the story from a point of view as if you were watching everything unfold.

We are l;ooking for a male actor aged 25 - 50 to play Captain Rupert Longsdale a selection of dialogue, to be filmed against a black background using a spot light.

we are looking for male actors aged 25 to 40 this to record to camera a selection of dialogue to represent to crew while onboard, to be filmed against a black background using a spot light.

All of the above will be available on both teleprompters and TV screens, so know need to learn all the lines.

Please email if you would like to get involved.



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